Mayhem’s 12 Days of Christmas Cookies


It seems like everyone in food bloggerville is making super cute, modern, elaborately decorated, sprinkles-heavy cookies this year, and while I love those (and no doubt will be making a ton of them myself) I thought it’d be fun to share some really timeless recipes that are special to me and my family.

Many of these come right out of my mother in-law’s family cookbook called “For Love of Our Family” which was recently rereleased with new recipes added, so now not only does it include my mother in-law’s family recipes, but it also has a few passed down from my father in-law’s and brother in-law’s families! Others are staple cookies from our family Christmas celebration, favorites from my mum’s church cookbook (which we’ve basically adopted as our family cookbook) or recipes that were carefully written down on recipe cards by my grandma.

Family Christmas Cookie 12: Cherry Hideaways

I’ve saved the best for last! These are an all-time favorite of mine, and a recipe that my grandma made… Continue reading »

Family Christmas Cookie 11: Peanut Butter Kisses

I’m closing out Mayhem’s 12 days of Christmas Cookies with two cookies that are my all time favorites. Both are… Continue reading »

Family Christmas Cookie 10: Snowball Cookies

Of all the cookies my grandma made for Christmas, these are one of the most memorable to me. I think… Continue reading »

Family Christmas Cookie 9: Sugar Cookies

  No Christmas cookie plate would be complete without sugar cookies! Much like the gingerbread cookies I shared earlier, this… Continue reading »

Family Christmas Cookie 8: Gingerbread Boys

  One of the really fun parts of compiling this recipe list was comparing and contrasting my family recipes with… Continue reading »

Family Christmas Cookie 7: Angel Pillows

Angel Pillows are a favorite from my mum’s side of the family. I made them with strawberry preserves, but my… Continue reading »

Family Christmas Cookie 6: Pfeffernüsse Cookies

This recipe is another of my father-in-law’s additions to the second edition of my mother-in-law’s family cookbook. They always say… Continue reading »

Family Christmas Cookie 5: Grandma Ruth’s Apple Fruit Cake

Each year, my husband’s family anxiously awaits the arrival of grandma Ruth’s apple fruit cake, which is another favorite from… Continue reading »

Family Christmas Cookie 4: Spritz Cookies

I think just about every family has a spritz cookie recipe that only comes out around Christmas time. Ours originated… Continue reading »

Family Christmas Cookie 3: Russian Tea Cakes

Like yesterday’s Snickerdoodles, Russian Tea Cakes were in the first edition of my husband’s family cookbook, and were a staple… Continue reading »