Welcome to Mayhem in the Kitchen! I started this blog to showcase my love for all things food related. Most of my posts fall into one of two categories – super healthy every day food, and entirely terrible for you special occasion food. Each post features a recipe I’ve tried myself and have had some level of success with, so even novice cooks should find every one of these recipes to be very accessible.

About Leesha

I’m a whole-food lacto-ovo vegetarian. I love broccoli, my Victorian house, computers, the Minnesota Vikings, baking, photography, video games, and my husband. I hate war, the Green Bay Packers, and cancer.

About Mayhem

Mayhem is a 4-ish year old rescued pug. He loves food, sleeping, stuffingless toys, and meeting new friends. He hates spiders and the noise our neighbor’s truck makes.