Broccoli-Cheese Soup - extra broccoli-tastic #vegetarian

Broccoli-Cheese Soup

Have I waited long enough between posts expressing my love for all things cruciferous? No? Well, I’ll apologize in advance,… Continue reading »

Cheesecake filled Chocolate Birthday Cake

Cheesecake Filled Chocolate Birthday Cake

My mum and brother share a birthday, but every year I make two cakes for the occasion to acknowledge that… Continue reading »

Homemade Carvel Cookie Puss Ice Cream Cake

Homemade Carvel Cookie Puss

If you’ve been following Mayhem in the Kitchen! for awhile, you might remember that my mum and brother have the… Continue reading »

Cinnamon-Banana Oatmeal Bites - no added sugar! #glutenfree

Cinnamon-Banana Oatmeal Bites

After several weeks of successfully finishing off our organic bananas, we were again faced with a dilemma – freeze, compost,… Continue reading »

Chocolate-Banana Oatmeal Bites - no added sugar! #glutenfree

Chocolate-Banana Oatmeal Bites

A few weeks ago I came downstairs and discovered that my bananas had moved from nicely ripened with brown specks… Continue reading »

Pumpkin cupcakes with Cinnamon and Brown Sugar Icing #fall #pumpkinspice

Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cinnamon-Brown Sugar Icing

You guys. It’s the second most wonderful time of the year! PUMPKIN SPICE SEASON Last year I bought the Costco… Continue reading »

The Cookie Cart's secret recipe for Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies

My neighborhood is home to a fabulous nonprofit called The Cookie Cart. It was started back in the 80s by… Continue reading »

Blueberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake - super versatile, use any jam or preserves!

Blueberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

Every year at my work we do a company breakfast and pajama party. We’ve had it catered in the past… Continue reading »

Fudge Brownies with Cake Batter Frosting AKA ColdStone Birthday Cake Remix Brownies - NO cake mix!

Fudge Brownies with Cake Batter Frosting AKA ColdStone Birthday Cake Remix Brownies

I’ve mentioned before that work birthday treats are getting crazier and crazier. If it is pinned on Pinterest AND over… Continue reading »

30 Perfect Pink Cakes for showers, birthdays, or a new baby girl!

30th Birthday Best-Of: 30 Baby Girl Cakes

In honor of my new birthday buddy, our sweet little niece that was born yesterday, here’s a bonus 30th Birthday… Continue reading »