Broccamole - better than guacamole! #vegan #glutenfree #slowfood #lowcalorie

Broccamole (Mexican-style Broccoli Dip)

Now that the holidays are over, just about everyone I know is making a pledge to eat better, lose weight,… Continue reading »

Homemade Cookie Butter (from any cookie!) #nutella #biscoff

Cookie Butter (from any cookie!)

I’ve never been one to hop on the decadent spreads bandwagon. For me, there’s something that feels wrong about the… Continue reading »

Cookie Dough Twix Bars  made with chocolate ganache, caramel, and shortbread cookies.

Cookie Dough Twix

Happy New Year! I am going to apologize for this recipe in advance. This is really not how a “slow… Continue reading »

Pink Floral Baptism Cupcakes - Perfect for a baby girl! #christening #firstcommunion

Floral Pink Baptism Cupcakes

The cupcake version of my niece‘s baptism cake are basically the cake in easy mode – they’re just as cute,… Continue reading »

Pink Floral Baptism Cake - Perfect for a baby girl! #christening #firstcommunion

Floral Cross Baptism Cake

A couple of weekends ago, prior to all of this Christmas madness got rolling, we celebrated my adorable niece’s baptism!… Continue reading »

Toasted Spice Rum Pecans -  Makes a great Christmas gift for neighbors!

Spiced Rum Pecans

First of all, Merry Christmas and Hanukkah Sameach!! I hope you have a fabulous holiday!! Things are crazy right now… Continue reading »

Quick and Easy Cranberry Sauce

Quick and Easy Cranberry Sauce

Every year, I put home made jellied cranberry sauce into an elaborate mold for our friends thanksgiving, and every year, … Continue reading »

That Famous (infamous?) Minnesota Grape Salad #grapegate #thanksgiving

Famous Minnesota Grape Salad

You may remember that a few weeks ago, the internet was abuzz over a New York Times piece called The… Continue reading »

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

National Cookie Day 2014

Today is National Cookie Day! I’m usually not one for these types of days of recognition, but I’ll make an… Continue reading »

Pumpkin pie from scratch! Ditch the canned pumpkin!

Fresh Pumpkin Pie with Ginger Snap Crust

A few weeks ago my three year old nephew was telling me how much he loves the itty bitty pie… Continue reading »