My sister-in-law asked me to create a baptism cake for my nephew, and I was absolutely thrilled at the prospect. After going through a few more feminine ideas, I created a cute cake that could just as easily be a baby shower cake, but made it fit for the occasion with a banner and small teddy bear sized rosary.

Teddy Bear Baptism cake for a baby boy #christening #shower

Teddy Bear Baptism cake for a baby boy #christening #shower


Ice two round cakes with buttercream. If not using fondant, smooth well. If using fondant, apply to both cakes in a thin layer on top of buttercream. Assemble cake, making sure to properly support the top layer using straws or dowels.

Color fondant and roll thin, then cut into circles with a round cookie cutter, reserving enough to create 1.5″ borders. Using a skewer or knife, cut borders for the top and bottom layers. Glue polka dots and borders onto cake using vodka.

To create the banner, roll white fondant into a very thin layer. Cut into a strip using a knife, then trim out triangles on each end to create the tails. Attach using vodka.

Using a toothpick or skewer, add dotted border around polka dots and borders.

To sculpt the bear, roll a ball of fondant about 2 inches in diameter. Stretch a piece of fondant out of the ball to form a semi-conical shape that will form the torso. Roll a medium sized ball for the head and attach it to the top of the torso. Form four tube shaped pieces and attach them for the legs and arms. Roll two small circular pieces of fondant and attach at the top-back of the head to create ears. Smooth out seams. Embellish with small pieces of fondant to create facial features as desired. Using a toothpick, texture the bear’s fur and create stitch lines along seams. To obscure any visible seams on the back of the bear, create¬† a blanket by rolling colored fondant as thinly as possible and draping it over the bear.


Fran’s Buttercream
Satin Ice Fondant in White Buttercream

Wilton FoodWriter Markers

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