I made this cross cake for my brother-in-law’s Catholic RCIA celebration. Most baptismal or first communion cakes are intended for children, and those that are not tend to be feminine, so my goal was to create a somewhat masculine cake with a religious motif.

Stained Glass Cross Cake #christening #baptism #firstcommunion #confirmation

Create a paper template the size of the outline for the stained glass cross. Center the template on the frosted cake, and trace around it to create a guide for piping the “lead”. Add guides for inside lead lines if desired. Color a small amount of icing a gunmetal grey color (Wilton Icing Color in black worked well) and pipe it onto the cake using a small round tip (Wilton 1, 2, or 3.) Fill the area inside of the lead lines with gel icing. To finish, pipe border of your choice with buttercream (I used the Wilton 21 star tip to pipe a loop border) around top and bottom edges, as well as around the stained glass cross if desired.


Fran’s Buttercream
CK Write-On Gel

Gold Dragees
Cross – Vintage from Christening Cake Kit

Pantastic Plastic Cross Pan

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